We’ve been traveling and working in Portugal, Spain, and Italy for the last few months and we’ve come up with some great ways to access fast internet for minimal or no cost.

1. Bus Station- we’re currently sitting in a bus station in Guarda, Portugal and they have the fastest internet we’ve found in Portugal.

You can always find a bus or train station which will likely have high speed internet for free.

2. Library (biblioteca)- the library is our absolute favorite. We didn’t know if they’d have Libraries in Europe but they definitely do. It’s free, quiet, and the net is super fast. 

You can also print or scan if need be as well.

3. Irish Pub- Irish pubs are everywhere and they are very “hangout for long periods of time” friendly. 

They usually have fast internet.

4. Hotel- even if you’re not a guest at the hotel, they’ll usually let you hang out in the lobby or sit in the cafe and work. 

Go in and ask, all they can so is no.

5. Cafe/coffeeshop- this one is obvious but be aware that there is not a Starbucks on every corner, and the shops that are on every corner might not be wifi friendly.

Always look on the door for a sticker that touts a wifi connection. You can also download the Trip Advisor app and search only for places with WIFI.

Happy hustling. 

➕Please write any ones I missed in the comments below.