In this post we’re going to teach you how to use “field test mode” on the iPhone to see wireless cell signal strength as a number value.

Using this hidden feature will allow you to see how strong your cell signal is using a numerical value instead of dots or bars.

The numbers will be between -30 and -130. The best cell signal you can have is -30, and the worst is -130

To activate this feature, follow these four steps:

1. Open your iPhone dialer and enter the following: *3001#12345#* , now click the green call button.

2. After the next screen opens, hold the power off button on the side or top of the phone.

3. Once the slide bar comes up to power off the phone, press the “home button” which will close the app and allow you to see the numerical value in the top where the bars or dots used to be.

4. If you touch the number value it will switch back to the bar/dot readout. You can now toggle between the two as you prefer.


This is a powerful hack for any digital nomad who’s traveling and searching for strong internet. With this mode you’ll be able to find where exactly gives you the best wireless signal strength.

Peace, love ➕


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