Here are the 3 best coffee shops with air conditioning in Ubud, Bali that also have fast internet.

1. Starbucks- The Ubud Starbucks is a great place to sit and work. It’s centrally located, rarely crowded and the internet has never given us any problems.

2. Seniman- This place is really cool and has an air conditioned room downstairs. The coffee is super good and if you’re looking for a french press in ubud, they are one of the only places that sell them as well.

3. Atman Kafe- This place is a hidden gem. It’s a cozy spot with fast internet, air conditionaing, and not busy at all. Their menu has tons of different items and the staff is really nice. This place is highly recommended.

Do you know of any others that have WiFi and AC? Post it in the comments!