I have to say that my iPhone 6’s home screen is looking great. I like to keep it clean and easy to find my go to apps.

While being on the road we’ve discovered some amazing new apps that make our digital nomad life much easier and cost effective.

I made a list of my most favorites that I believe to be crucial, below.

1. Qapital This is my favorite thing on planet earth. It automates your savings so every time you make a deposit, you can tell it to put some % or fixed amount away for a goal. Mine is set up for tax savings, a new laptop, and charitable contributions.

If I refer a friend like you, we’ll both get a free $5 so go ahead and click this link here

2. QuickBooks these aren’t in any order but this my second favorite financial app.

Attention solo-preneurs: once you get a separate bank account and start using Quickbooks to measure your income and expenses, you will start making more money. Remeber, what gets measured gets better.

I’m an affilite of QB so use that link above (or here) to get 15% off the normal price. It’s normally $15 a month but that link is $11 a month.

3. Facebook Ads- this app is very powerful and allows you to very easily manage all your facebook ad spending. You must get this one!

4. WordPress- this app is great for having a blog post idea and quickly writing it out, like I’m doing right now🎯

5. Fiverr- I sell my services as a fiddle player in Fiverr so naturally I have the app to increase my response rate etc… They’ve made some improvements recently and it’s acting a lot better now.

6. Venmo- hey everybody! If you transfer money using Venmo instead of Paypal you can have the money cleared and in your account the very next day! Remember what I say: “Cash FLOW is King.”

7. LightRoom you need to up your Instagram game. Lightroom will set you apart with all the pro features so you should really add it to your workflow. If you buy Adobe Creative Cloud all their apps come with and that’s how I have it.

I highly recommend Adobe CC to everyone and if you want a discount you can buy with my link here.

8. Asana- this app is great for Managing many to do lists to make sure you’re productive. I kind of use Asana for a while then switch to pad and paper for a while and back and forth.

9. Google Sheets- i started making gsheets for everything to track progress and show results so I had to get the Sheets app. When I need to log in and work, I can.

Alright those are Content Gypsy’s faves. Seriously tell as about any ones you know of that might help out us digital nomads

Peace, love